3D Printed Canal House

WHAT IS THE 3D PRINT CANAL HOUSE? The 3D Print Canal House is an exhibition, research- and building site for 3D Printing Architecture. A unique project where an international team of partners collaborates in ‘research & doing’ linking science, design, construction and community, by 3D printing a canal house at an expo-site in the very heart of Amsterdam.

Material, construction and design parameters are all closely connected in the design & build process of the 3D Print Canal House.

The 3D print material for the house is developed by material partner Henkel. Aim is to develop a renewable, sustainable, strong, tactile and beautiful material that can compete with current building techniques.

At this moment we’re testing with different material samples to develop the optimal print-material. Base for the current tests is hot-melt (80% bio-based).


3D-print building techniques make architecture personal again.  Just imagine… It won’t be long before you can online select your favorite room designs made by your favorite architects, and customize them to your personal taste. You add personal data, such as size limits and location, and the rooms are then digitally  connected and merged into your ideal house. You can 3D print scale models of the house, and when you’re totally content with the design, contact a contractor with a KamerMaker, and place the order. This bridges the gap between designer, client and builder and makes architecture truly architecture personal.

Digital production of architecture is an excellent tool when complex and tailor-made architecture is required. New custom-made interiors for existing buildings for instance. Just imagine you 3D scan an building structure. then digitally design a bathroom that exactly suits the space, which is then 3D printed and inserted on site in a day. No laborious timber work on site, no mess.. a perfect match!

Drop by when you’re in Amsterdam!
Opening hours: Tuesday until Friday from 11 am until 5 pm.
Entrance fee: €2,50 – includes an informative audiotour that you can easily download on your smart phone (bring your headphones!).

Address: Tolhuisweg 7, 1031 CL in Amsterdam North.
Walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station (take the short ferry ride to Buiksloterweg), directly behind the Shell tower and A-Lab. Parking is possible at the adjacent parking place of the EYE Film Institute.

If you wish to book a group visit, personal tour or lecture, or are curious to hear about other things the 3D Print Canal House can offer you, please contact info@3dprintcanalhouse.com.

3D Print Canal House

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