Xkuty One – Mobility redefined

More than an electric vehicle, the Xkuty is a new way of getting around. Like a bicycle that doesn’t need pedals, or a light, silent scooter. Easy to handle, you can control it from your iPhone. Extremely light and it can be recharged by solar energy. It has a range of up to 100km. Have you ever imagined anything like it?

Recharge in the sun

You won’t have to resort to any form of connection to mains electricity nor remove the battery. The energy storage unit integrated into the SPARK converts the sun into a major source of energy for your XKUTY: you will be able to drive throughout the year without using any other form of energy.


Technical Specifications

Product weight: 42 Kg
Total length: 1,87 m
Long wheelbase: 1,32 m
Seat height: 79 – 85 cm

Fork: 100 mm round multi-adjustable with 20 mm axis
Shock absorber: 100 mm round multi-adjustable
Front brake: hydraulic 203 mm
Rear brake: hydraulic: 203 mm
Tyres: 2 1/2 16“

Power: 1.200 W
Voltage: 48V DC
Battery and Range: 40 Km (battery 17 Ah)
50 Km – (battery 23 Ah)
100 Km – ( 2 batteries 23 Ah)
Maximum speed: 35 Km H


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